17th January 2021
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Norsan manufacture a range of high quality cleaning and hygiene chemical solutions for floor care and maintenance, hygiene care and sanitising, carpet care and deodourising, odour control, air fresheners, hand care products including hand sanitisers, hand lotion soap, bactericidal soap. Also, efficient houskeeping cleaning products and solutions for kitchen hygiene and laundry care. Norsan cleaning, hygiene and maitenance chemical products have been developed to tackle specific problem areas enabling the professional to produce a high quality result effectively and efficienciently.

Norsan Floor Care

Norsan specialise in floor care products including, Star acrilic emulsion floor polish, Star Strip, Starclean 2000, Deepclean, Unisol, Hard and Fast floor polish and polyurethene and floor paint coatings. Norsan floor products produce excelent results whether polishing, cleaning or protecting your flooring.                                     

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Norsan Hygiene Care

Norsan hygiene care products include Intasan sanitiser, Fresh Clean bathroom cleaner, Budge, Sanair, Sanfresh, Deep Clean and more.                                     

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Norsan Air Fresheners

Norsan air freshening gels, aerosols, and quality liquid products to freshen the air and enhance your environment.                                     

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Norsan Carpet Care

For all your Norsan carpet care needs, Unisol concentrated extraction shampoo, Starclean pre-spotter, Sanfresh deodouriser wet extraction aditive, stain remover, Zappit emergency clean up powder, extraction powder, fabric fresheners and more.                                      

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Norsan Hand Care

Norsan hand care products include perfumed luxury hand soap, food safe bactericidal hand shampoo, shower shampoo, refillable soap dispensers, GOJO hand care including hand medic hand sanitiser, GoJo bactericidal hand soap, perfumed hand soap and heavy duty beaded hand gels. Too many to detail please phone for more information                                     

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Norsan Housekeeping

Norsan houskeeping products include Starclean 2000 a truly universal cleaner, Supreme furniture polish, computer and VDU anti static cleaner, air freshener spray, all purpose washroom cleaner, toilet cleaners, stainless steel cleaner, washing up detergent, cream cleanser, drain cleaner and more. For products not listed please phone.                                     

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Norsan Kitchen Hygiene

Norsan Kitchen Hygiene products include bactericidal washing up detergent, Peach detergent, beerline cleaner, glass wash liquid, auto dose dish and glass washing liquid, rinse aid, oven and grill cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, and other kitchen hygiene products.                                     

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Norsan Laundry Care

Norsan non biological and biological laundry powder, laundry liquid wash, fabric softner and pre-soaking liquid for fouled garments.                                     

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