17th January 2021
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The Care/Medical section contains the sort of specialist products needed in residential and nursing homes - bins and receptacles, gloves, tissues wipes and other disposables, hoists and slings, care mats, pressure relief equipment, disinfectants and Sangenic units.


Bins of a variety of shapes and sizes peddle operated etc.                                     

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Hand sanitisers, and disinfectants for all care and medical applications                                     

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Disposables from coloured aprons and peddle bin liners to coloured bin bags and couch rolls                                      

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First Aid

First aid kits and refill components                                     

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Gloves Latex powdered and powder free, vinyl and nitrile                                      

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Mats for use at the bedside or in other bedroom areas where spillages are likely to occur.                                     

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Sangenic system simply and effectively stores for disposal, soiled products. It uses a unique tubular plastic cassette and encapsulates each product inserted in the unit.                                      

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Facial tissues - professional, ladies and man size.                                     

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Moist and polyderm patient care wipes                                     

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