16th January 2021
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About Us

Care Home Essentials was founded in 1993 by Chemi-Clean. In July 2010 Chemi-Clean changed our name to Harberson Ltd and continue to offer great customer service and product ranges specially developed for the Care Home industry.

Nursing and Residential Homes soon became our main customers and from listening to the owners, matrons, managers and staff of these homes their need for a wide variety of specialist products was established. Products needed to be tough but elegant, economical and hardwearing, meet rigorous safety specifications, be easy to use and low on maintenance costs. Some specialist products that help with care home problem areas were also essential.

'Care Home Essentials' products roughly divide into Care Home Enhancement products and products to help keep the care home Clean Fresh and Safe.

Enhancement products are tablecloths, place mats, napkins, towels, bedding, trays and tray cloths and other specialist liquid proof products whilst 'Clean, Fresh and Safety' products included safety signs, odour absorbers, Sanfresh, a carpet sanitiser-deodoriser, entrance mats and many others.

From the Care Home Essentials shop we can supply all these items and more and if product information or health and safety sheets (C.O.S.H.H. or C.H.I.P.) are needed they are available with the products and online for you to print.

The Care Home Essentials shop aims to bring you the most appropriate products for your Nursing or Residential Home Environment without the visits by costly representatives, wasting your time and your staff's time. And, you can use the site at any time, as long as you are at your computer.

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