24th January 2021
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Improve the air quality for you, your staff or your residents with products you will find here. Whether the problem is odours, germs or smoke, or if you just want to improve the air ambience in an area. The Germokill machine kills viruses and bacteria with a powerful UVC twin lamp.

Air Fresheners

Air Freshener gels, aerosols, and quality liquid products to freshen the air and enhance your environment. Automatic digital and analogue Time Mist ,Bobson and Air Senze aerosol dispensers and starter kits, gel air freshener and kits. Norsan, Contico Kleen Mist, Time Mist Microspray, BioAir and Air Senze aerosols. Also Norsan Francesca liquid air freshener trigger spray                                     

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Air Purifiers

These unique specialist odour-absorbing gels utilise either mains operated AirClean mains power, bio20 battery units or natural air flow cage units to circulate the odour absorbing molecules of the gel nutralising and absorbing mal odours. A free trial in care/nursing homes is available on some systems.                                      

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All of the air quality equipment brought together for your perusal pick where you like                                     

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Gels odour absorbers and air fresheners including BioAir, Kleen Air, konk, time mist microbreeze and kleen air odour neutralising gel. Dispensers for the gels include the Clean Air acc-2sp mains fan unit, the Kleen Air and bio 20 battery units.                                      

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The Germokill GK100 ultra violet light germ killer unit is an established unit which greatly reduces pathogens in the air it kills germs in rooms using an enclosed UV-C light source. Figures are available to show how the percentage of pathogens are reduced. The Germ-O-Kill unit has found wide application protecting people birds and animals from spread of airborn germs.                                      

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