20th June 2019
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ZGermokill GK100 UVC air steriliser

The Germokill's 36W twin tube UV-C radiation sterilises the air passing through it. It is beneficial in any room where it is essential to keep airborne germs to a minimum.

Germokill kills germs in the air.

Reduces the chances of colds and infections spreading - and both 'Sick Building Syndrome' and 'Hospital Acquired Infection'.

Germokill does not generate ozone or other harmful contiminants - people are safe in the same room with the Germ-o-kill

Used in the bedroom, lounge and treatment areas, staff room or office, Germokill can provide a useful tool to keep your residents and your staff healthy. It can also be used in aviaries helping to protect valuable birds.

One Germokill unit will clean a 150m cubed sized area. This size of room will mean that the air is completely circulated over the UV-C tube in one hour. The germokill uses a Germicidal wavelength of light to kill micro-organisms, bacteria, yeasts, viruses and moulds.

Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm x 16cm.

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